American new immigrates creating video productions telling your impactful stories.

Frontline Media
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Frontline Media

We made Aliya 2 years ago from the US after working 10 years in television production. To make this dream a reality we sold most of our material items but knew it would be worth it to raise our young family in Israel. Job prospects when arriving in Israel were hard to find due to the pandemic. We found jobs to get by but they were inadequate in our ability to be creative and create an impact. We decided to bet on ourselves and open our own media production company. Videos are a powerful tool used to tell the stories of people, organizations, and brands. We have seen these connections take place and strive every day to translate that power for our clients. We love what we do but need help to continue moving our dreams forward. This loan will allow us to focus on marketing to new clients, upgrading equipment, and hire additional freelancers to grow the business. With your help we will continue to build connections for clients and their audience, all while living our dream in Israel.
Spark-il | Telling immigrant stories

This is what we do, we help each other

Rebecca and Benjamin made Aliya from the US in 2020 and strive to help their clients create connection with their audience.