“I am Rita, and I followed my mother’s footsteps and opened a beauty clinic! The next stage in my business plan is to expand my services.”|

Spark-il | Feeling good with Rita

Feeling good with Rita

$1,847 / $13,005

Beauty salon

I made aliyah from Russia with my paretns when I was one year old. My mom was a beautician and she loved her job, which is what made me want to get into the field as well. I get a lot of joy and satisfaction from helping women feel comfortable in their own skin, and providing them with services such as hair removal and permanent makeup. I would use the SparkIL loan to purchase a hair removal device and improve my marketing.
Spark-il | Feeling good with Rita

A bit about me..

I am Rita Yosifov, I am 23 years old and live in Petah-Tikva. Proud of my achievements as a young and independent woman and continues to dream big.