Thanks for reading more about my small business plans. I aspire to increase the business, and need the loan for marketing needs, and buying a new camera.

$7,831 / $10,404

Photography and workshops

Within my professional journey, I find that meeting people and photography all in once are the most fulfilling. I am specializing in creating photography workshops for bar/ bat mitzvah teens, where they can experiment with photography, present their point of view on the world, and illuminate themselves and the world in a good and positive light, giving expression to their voice and identity. For these I need the loan that will allow me to build correct products and market them professionally.
Spark-il | Everything Is Illuminated

This is what we do, we help each other

Renana, 26 , I live in Kiryat Arba and am a special education student. In 2021 I became a terror attack victim. I am in a continuous process of growth from post-trauma, coping with it through photography. I made a decision that I want to help children and youth with difficulties using the tools of phototherapy for happiness.