I’m thrilled you’re learning more about my innovative small business. With your support, I will be able to introduce my product to a larger audience.

Environmental wrapping

$23,030 / $23,409

The Wrapper

“The Wrapper” is an innovative eco-friendly product that preserves food and promotes cleanliness. This product replaces the need for plastic bags, aluminum foil, and plastic boxes and encourages sustainability. We seek a loan to develop a high-quality mass production machine that will allow us to further expand to new markets. This will enable us to reach a new audience, including those who may not prioritize sustainability but can benefit economically and personally.
Spark-il | Environmental wrapping

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My name is Yishai, 34, from Haifa. I am the proud owner of “The Wrapper,” a sustainable alternative to plastic and nylon for food storage. There are many environmental benefits that I am passionate about that also tie into “The Wrapper”. My goal is to reach every home in Israel and promote sustainability.