I am starting a project at the Tel Aviv municipality of replacing electrical cabinets in kindergartens and need assistance in purchasing equipment.

$13,005 / $13,005

Electricity from Bnei Brak to Tel Aviv

I have been an electrician by profession for about 15 years. Over the years the business grew and recently I started working with institutions and schools and doing projects on a larger scale. Over the years I have acquired a wide clientele of private individuals and public institutions. I work with schools, kindergartens, municipalities, nursing homes and more. I just got a very big job at the Tel Aviv municipality where I will replace the electrical cabinets in kindergartens in the city. For this purpose I need to buy electrical wires and a lot of equipment. My vision for the future is to develop and employ many employees. I want to give the best service I can to businesses and homes in Israel.
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My name is Meir and I am married and have a family with children. I am ultra-Orthodox and live in Bnei Brak and love my job very much.