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Miklat 209 is a performance theater led by Guy Gutman. This unique group in Israel’s theater scene originated from performance art, aiming to offer a universal experience for the audience independent of the text.

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We are taking the loan to help with the current flow until advances are received from the Ministry of Culture and due to the repayment of an existing association loan in March and April 2024. The requested loan will replace the existing loan.

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The ensemble originated from the 209 Shelter Association, founded over 30 years ago by Dan Zakheim, with a focus on promoting interdisciplinary and installation art. Today, amidst a thriving field of installation art, the ensemble continues to push boundaries, operating on the fringes of mainstream theater to challenge traditional concepts. Working across various contexts and exploring the language of theater, the ensemble delves into contemporary realities, aiming to expand artistic boundaries and impact its surroundings.

Located in Tel Aviv, the ensemble continues to innovate and collaborate, pushing the boundaries of contemporary theater while nurturing young creators and engaging with marginalized communities. For more information about the founders, visit: [link to the article about the founders].

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Led by CEO and Artistic Director Guy Gutman, an interdisciplinary artist known for bridging aesthetics and politics, the ensemble engages in diverse artistic activities, including teaching, managing the Visual Theater School, organizing international performance conferences, and publishing the magazine “Makaf.” Gutman, a graduate of the Institute des Beaux-Arts and former Director of the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem, has collaborated with prestigious institutions and festivals worldwide, cementing the ensemble’s reputation as a leading force in experimental theater.

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