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CU Optics

CU Optics offers customized professional vision exams, multifocal tests, contact lens fitting, vision focus tests for children and eye exercises. The business offers a wide variety of frames, contact lenses from the best leading companies. Most of my clients are from the nearby ultra-orthodox neighborhoods and are yeshiva boys, and high school girls. I love my profession that gives me a lot of satisfaction, helping the customer see well and be comfortably with their glasses. I am asking for the loan to buy a new eye test machine as well as to buy updated furniture for the store.
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About Liraz Farsha

My name is Liraz, 27, married+2 from Jerusalem. I am an optometrist with a degree from Hadassah College. I started working in the store more than 6 years ago as a hired optometrist. 4 years ago I purchased the business and since then manage and upgrade it from a professional and service point of view.