Thanks for reading more about my small business plans. With your help, I will be able to successfully operate a new coffee shop in Haifa.

$23,409 / $23,409

Coffee Roasting and Cafe

I recently left behind a successful business of cafes that were my pleasure in Kyiv, Ukraine. I turned to Israel, in hopes of finding new opportunities, and have been working to open a Cafe in Haifa. With the help of my business partner Ilya, who specializes in entrepreneurship and business development, we have begun renovating a space. We are seeking a loan to allow us to finish renovation and purchase equipment to open our new cafe.
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My name is Timur, a married father of three. With the help of the Jewish Agency and the Israeli Embassy, I escaped Ukraine for Israel on a difficult journey. Despite the limited resources, my partner and I are determined to turn a crisis into opportunity by opening a cafe in Haifa. The world of coffee and serving others is my passion, and I feel inspired to continue doing what I love.