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Our business runs dance groups catering to young teenagers and adults, focusing on dance education, performances at top festivals in Israel, seminars, workshops, fundraising shows, and collaborations with renowned artists and competition winners.Operating primarily in the southern part of the country, the recent outbreak of war essentially halted our business. We are seeking assistance to cover the costs associated with marketing and salaries.

My impact loan status:

$14,193 / $16,470
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What I need help with

The war disrupted my plans right at the beginning of the school year, coinciding with the last day of the holidays, just before the dance troupes were set to resume their activities. The allocated funds were utilized for advertising, marketing network financing, canceled performances, making phone calls to past dancers for the new season, and covering employee salaries. Now, at the initial stages of the recruitment period, I find myself in need of a loan to navigate through these unforeseen challenges.

About my business

Our business specializes in operating dance groups for both young teenagers and adults, providing dance education and opportunities to perform at prestigious festivals throughout Israel. Additionally, we host seminars, workshops, fundraising shows, and collaborate with top artists in the country, including competition winners. At the core of our ethos is a commitment to professionalism and fostering a familial atmosphere, making us the most family-oriented dance school around.

With approximately seven employees, including some of the country’s finest dance teachers, we have established ourselves as a prominent presence in the southern region of Israel. Our three main branches are located in Birat HaNegev School, Eshkol Regional Council, and Ramat HaNegev Regional Council. While our primary focus is on dance, our business is also engaged in production direction, with a predominant emphasis on promoting cultural activities.

About me

I’m Liran Michaeli, a husband and father of four, and I’ve made a name for myself as a choreographer and artistic director in both the Israeli and international dance scenes. My journey into the world of dance began through a high school friend, who is now my wife. 

Together with my wife, we’ve dedicated ourselves to working in the business and fostering a love for dance in children and teenagers. Our overarching goals are crystal clear – we aim to inspire a deep appreciation for our country, culture, and art through the captivating world of dance.


Israel is at war

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