“I am Yuval, and I created a business that helps people who have events and gatherings at home with ready made food that does not require prep work! I am now expanding the business and setting up a professional kitchen.”

Spark-il | Chef in a box

Chef in a box

$1,469 / $13,005

Catering with Yuval

Chef in a Box is a unique catering company that aims to offer a comfortable yet elegant solution without compromises for events at home. Our specially-designed menu allows us to bring all the food ready to be served, without the hassle of having to prepare anything on the spot. After several years of working from home, we’re excited to announce that we’re opening a professional licensed kitchen. This loan will help us complete the establishment of our new kitchen and start operating it.
Spark-il | Chef in a box

A bit about me..

I am Yuval Roznen, and I live in Kiryat Ono with my wife and two daughters. Chef In A Box is a big part of my professional journey, that I started years ago in culinary school in Paris, through many restaurants and catering businesses.