My business is in the field of cosmetics and has been active for 17 years. During the corona my partner left and I had to close the salon and move to work from home.

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I have been in the beauty industry for about 17 years. Since I was a child I was drawn to the field. At the age of 21, I decided to turn my talent into a profession, and I went to study all the beauty professions. After school I entered as a partner in a beauty parlor in the city of Holon. Over the years I continued to learn and specialize and developed the business into new areas. During the Corona period, my partner left the business and I had to move to work at home in order to balance myself financially after I ran into difficulties. The purpose of the loan is to expand the equipment and increase the clientele and livelihood.
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My name is Tehila, 39 , from Holon, near Tel Aviv. I am passionate about beauty, have studied many areas and have this salon for 17 years. I like to nurture the business and provide good and wide service to my customers. I love what I do.