I am a business owner in the field of home inspections, construction quality assessment, water leaks and leak damage assessment.

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My name is Anatoly and I am a new immigrant from Russia. Establishing a business that operates in the Haifa and Krayot area. We do renovations, plaster work, determining damage from water leaks and treating the problem. I did an international course on infrared thermography and have expertise in the subject. These are in-demand services in Israel that require a lot of knowledge and the ability to work with special equipment I asked for a loan to purchase equipment and tools that I would use at work
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My name is Anatoly Dutsenko and my wife’s name is Natalya. We moved to Israel in 2017 from the Soviet Union. There I worked in construction and repairs. Four years ago I opened a business and started working as a plaster contractor. I really like my job.