It brings me great joy to see that you’re learning about my small business. I hope that my story resonates with you and inspires you to lend and support

$15,700 / $15,700

Alex Lapiner Photography

I entered the world of media from the age of 17, through my father – a television director, thanks to whom I fell in love with the possibility of producing a visual story. As a new immigrant, it took me time to establish the professional knowledge I acquired over the years in Russia and to return to a similar position in Israel as well. Photography is an excellent tool to create connection and language without words, so gradually my business stabilized, first mainly with immigrant clients like myself, and today, to my delight, more than half of my clients represent the diversity of Israeli society. I want to continue to develop and the loan will enable me to purchase new and more sophisticated equipment to film events on a larger scale and enable a wider scope of photography and video production work.
Spark-il | Alex Lapiner Photography

About Lapiner Alexander

Alex Lapiner, married +2. A new immigrant from Russia living today in Rehovot. I graduated from journalism studies and I am a stills and video photographer.