The program helps them change their lives, believe in themselves and start living the way they really want, with all the pressure we have living in this area.

Spark-il | A mothers journey
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Mothers together

My name is Dalit and I help women and mothers who feel incomplete with themselves, who are in a situation in life where they are not satisfied, afraid and want to make a significant change in their lives. At the clinic – I meet and coach women from the Gaza strip. Beyond the difficulties experienced by every mother, these women experience difficulties of anxiety, exhaustion, fear and need the warm safe space that I created in the clinic. Via Zoom – the goal is to treat every mother who wants to make a change in her life, and help her progress in all the fields that surround her. It all started two years ago when my brother died of cancer, a figure who was very strong and dominant in my life, and my mother was diagnosed with ALS – terminal muscular dystrophy. For the first time in my life I felt like I didn’t know myself at all, I faded and was in an emotional chaos. I realized with the help of my husband and my children that my family needs me and that they deserve a mother who chooses a life of value and influence. I realized that if I want my family to be well, I have to make sure that I am also well. I made a professional shift and today with the tools and experience I acquired I want to help many more mothers. The loan will be used for marketing and construction of the business. I invested a lot of money from the savings and currently I have no money left to invest in the business, at the same time I am determined to break through in a big way and bring my escort and the great gift I have to many women who need me. Website:
Spark-il | A mothers journey

This is what we do, we help each other

My name is Dalit Ram Aharon and I live in Kibbutz Nir Oz in the Gaza Strip. For 18 years I worked in education. I started studying NLP with the desire to train women and provide them the tools and warmth that would allow them to raise their confidence and become better mothers. I focus on helping mothers from the Gaza Strip.